How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 7

Don’t you like the way the icons, text and image appears in your windows 7 Computer, is it too small? Or is it too Large? , different users like different resolutions so we will see how to change screen resolution on windows 7

Method One – The Easy Way

Method one is Very easy just, right click on the Desktop and select Screen Resolution, in the new window, click on the resolution Dropdown menu and adjust to the Resolution you want.

 right click on the Desktop

Method Two – Standard Method

  1. First Go to Windows start Menu and open Control Panel
  2. Then Under the Appearance and Personalization, select adjust screen Resolutionstart Control Panel Appearance and Personalization
  3. Click on the Resolution Drop down Menu and Move the slider to Adjust Resolution as you like


When you Have Larder Resolution images will be more sharper and small, so more item can be fit into your screen, When you have smaller resolution items become larger and take more space on your screen , it is more elegant when we have Larger resolution but still it depends on user preference and the size of your monitor screen