Make Movie Thumbnails Using Media player classic home cinema

Using Media Player Classic Home Cinema you can easily create a thumbnail screenshot of a movie or music video. So let’s see how to configure and save thumbnail images from a movie.

  1. Before we start capturing thumbnail image we need to make sure we have configured media player classic with correct output settings. To do that Go to View and click options.Go to View and click options
  2. On Left side menu under the Output make sure you have setup output settings to followings, And Click OK to apply changes.
    • DirectShow Video -> Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter) or VMR9
    • RealMedia Video -> Video Mixing Renderer (VMR9)
    • QuickTime Video – > Video Mixing Renderer (VMR9)Media player classic output settings
  3. Open the movie or any video with media player classic that you want to capture thumbnails. I am gonna open one of my favorite movie Pulp Fiction.
  4. Now go to File menu and click Save Thumbnails.Save Thumbnails
  5. Next, you can customize the number of rows, columns and image size of the thumbnail image. You can change the image size too. Now Click Save to create the thumbnail image.Thumbnail Options

Media player classic will take just a few seconds to make the thumbnail file. Time will depend on the numbers of rows and columns you entered.

Once the media player classic indicates thumbnail saved successfully, go to the saved location and you should see the thumbnail image like this.

Pulp Fiction Screenshot

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